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Civil Law Defense in Jacksonville, NC

Civil Law:
  • Family/domestic, Including Domestic Violence - No one thinks when they get married that it “can happen to them.” Unfortunately though, relationships reach the point that it is just time for them to end so both parties can “move on” to more satisfactory and fulfilling lives than the couple are able to build together. We handle uncontested divorces, and will be happy to assist in the negotiation, drafting and execution of a separation agreement in those situations.

  • Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPO) - If the relationship has become volatile enough that actual violence has entered the situation (or one party or the other claims that it has) to the point that a party applies to the court for a DVPO, not many good things are about to happen. The issuance of a DVPO against a person has far reaching effects, including effects on that person's ability to rent a place to live and his/her right to even possess a weapon, regardless that the party would never dream of using that weapon for anything but hunting game. If you find yourself on your way to District Court for a DVPO hearing, remember that you are courting disaster to do so without consulting counsel well in advance of the court date. Yes, even a “civil” DVPO.

  • Wills, Estates, POAs - Everyone should consider having a will, a general durable power of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney and a “living will.” Today, when so many families are scattered far and wide, each of these documents can protect your family and other loved ones from many unforeseen (and unforeseeable) consequences at the time they are least equipped to deal with such problems.
  • Business associations (Corporations, LLC's) - While our firm does not offer or provide tax advice at any level, we are happy to consult with your CPA or other tax professional about which form of business association best suits your needs. Then with your tax advisor's advice, we can prepare the necessary legal filings to document your corporation, limited liability company or other entity with the NC Secretary of State's Office, assist with drafting bylaws, operating agreements and the like.